2002   Naoko USUKI " BT" (Monthly Art Magazine) July 2002


 The salt maze which is like wind patterns in the sand spread ahead like a sea of clouds to the end of the space of the gallery. It continues and becomes to the mass of the salt in white, which is almost making our thoughts terminate. The line is shivering and the edge is making expression by the influence of the state of the artistユs mind or, by the unevenness of the floor and the humidity. The gallery changes to one symbolic and ceremonial space with venerable attitude.

 Salt, which has been permeated into Japanese life style not only as a symbol of talisman and purification for ceremonies but in the daily life connected to the indigenous belief, as well as the one of the crucial food ingredient for life. Yamamotoユs maze made by salt that is deeply rooted in the scenery of life and death and like a bridge between Nirvana and present life, tells us silently that death always lies next to us but it is hardly approach to its world, also it implies that every life being is now walking steadily toward its end. The repetition of the creation and the pureness concentrated in the white appeals strongly to us in front of the work, the dignity of life which should be dealt with the definition of death, which tends to be left behind in the over-flew information, virtual reality, and in the medical and academic field.

 The salt maze, which should not be read simply by the stereotyped Japanese esthetic consciousness such as emotions and spirituality, reveals the definite truth of the destiny of rusting life, also cite the universal question of the meaning of life.

Independent Curator

Solo exhibition  T.L.A.P, Tokyo (29 March - 7 April)